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Choose Happiness

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Choose Happiness

Some days seem like miraculous gifts from above, pleasurable beyond belief. I used to chalk days like this up to the luck of the draw, totally disbelieving I had anything to do with the outcome of anyone's day, especially my own. Never once did I realize what an integral role I play in creating "my dream" of the world or as Don Miguel Ruiz , author of The Four Agreements, would say, "My unique reality."

Life has become SO much more interesting, more joy filled, happier and a lot less stressful since I let go of that belief...or rather disbelief. Well of course I create my own day, moment, life, reality. We all do, like it, or not. We have nobody to blame but ourselves if the dream is not what we'd hoped for. Therein lies the rub, we're not content, yet we are the creators of what we're discontented with. Isn't life a pisser?!

Anyway, today will be another glorious day. This is my dream, my reality - I choose to think and feel the best. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. Even through the saddest, most wrenching, fear-filled periods in my life I always believed it would be better. Even when I experienced dark days of sorrow and grief I knew in every cell of my being there would be light, love and joy again... because they had never really left. I was the one who chose not to allow them to find me, not to allow them in. As soon as I thought differently, I felt differently and life was brighter and sweeter. My circumstances hadn't changed, but my thoughts and beliefs about my circumstances had and  this shift made all the difference.

The Four Agreements:

The First Agreement ~ Be Impeccable With Your Word

The Second Agreement ~ Don't Take Anything Personally

The Third Agreement ~ Don't Make Assumptions

The Fourth Agreement ~ Always Do Your Best

Today I'll  practice The Four Agreements to the best of my ability. There's no right or wrong, no judgement or expectation, I'll do my best with where I am and who I am today and I will choose happiness.

Will you choose happiness today?

"Imagine you have the ability to see the world with different eyes, whenever you choose. Each time you open your eyes, you see the world around you in a different way." ~ Don Miguel RuizThe Pink Paper Blog - Choose Happiness


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