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Simple Tips for Staying Positive

We  hear a lot about the importance of staying positive, looking on the bright side, seeing the cup as half full...after a while it all sounds like blah, blah, blah. Sometimes when you’re going through an especially tough challenge, like breast cancer, it can almost make you downright mad! Am I right?

There were times during my breast cancer experience when I felt as if I was completely drained of optimism and hope. At first this made me feel guilty. I’d beat myself up a bit about not trying hard enough. Then I’d get a little scared because I’d start to think every negative thought was another nail in my coffin. Finally, I got a grip and chose to be gentle with myself. What I needed more than ever, was to love and accept myself...perceived faults and all. We’re all human right? We all make mistakes. We are all less than perfect. We all need and deserve love. Ahhh, what a relief.Simple Tips For Staying Positive

Staying more positive doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start taking good care of your mind, body and spirit with these simple tips:

  1. Be gentle with yourself
  2. Make a list of what you like about YOU
  3. Say kind things to yourself throughout the day
  4. Pay more attention to what you’re doing right
  5. Pray and meditate to nourish your spirit
  6. Get out of your head - take a walk, listen to music, write, sing - do something you enjoy
  7. Laugh as often as possible
  8. Connect with others who make you smile
  9. Give yourself no more than 2 minutes a day for self pity
  10. Listen to your heart
  11. Show yourself love, love and more love


Follow these 11 simple steps and pay attention to how you feel. Create your own oasis of hope and well being. Remember, this is only a jumpstart to get you going. Once you begin you’ll add your idea’s to the list, tweak the list and make it your own. Take time to quiet down and listen to your heart. You’ll know what to do.This is your wellness journey and you have choices in your healing.The most important thing is to start, the rest will be easier than you think!

Much love,


Simple Tips for Staying Positive

Me ~ Doing Tip #6!

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