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Look Out for Your Health ~ Guest Blog

 We Need to Look Out For Our Own Health

By Jennifer SteinerThe Pink Paper Guest Blogger - Jennifer Steiner

 A few years ago, I had become very ill with some pretty strange symptoms. Thankfully, (you can only use the bad for good, right?) I used my illness to begin to help others.

It all started with severe lightheadedness. I went to my primary care physician and she thought it was allergies. I was referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. There, I was told, "It's just allergies, take these antibiotics and you’ll be fine.” I had my heart checked to make sure the blood was pumping to my brain efficiently. I also had an ultra sound of my carotid artery to make sure that blood was even making it to my brain. Everything turned up normal. Then, the symptoms began to progress. I had numbness and weakness in my arms and legs. I was sent to have the muscles and nerves checked with little needles going into each nerve. Not fun!

What was wrong with me and why didn't the doctors have any answers?

Next I began to start slurring my words. This was the scariest part! The doctors thought that it could either be Parkinson's disease or Multiple Sclerosis. I was sent to a neurologist. From there I had CAT scans, MRI's of my brain and spine, and even, yup... a spinal tap. The only thing that showed up during the brain MRI is that I have some lesions on my brain that are not harmful.

While I was waiting for the results from the spinal tap, a friend sent me an article regarding artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Equal...). It explained that artificial sweeteners are neurotoxins and, with prolonged use, the chemicals can build up so much in your system that it can actually mimic MS! What? Why didn't my doctors know this?

The Pink Paper Guest Blogger Jennifer SteinThat day, I stopped using the artificial sweeteners, and within a week and a half, I was fine. MY SYMPTOMS WERE GONE!! And they have not returned since. I started to research what else was in our food that can cause someone to be sick. Big mistake. Food doesn't just cause stomach upset, it can also eat away at your brain. I went back to my Neurologist and let him know my findings. He said, "Nothing in our food can cause sickness like that. There are no neurotoxins in our food, the FDA wouldn't allow it!" WRONG!  We need to take our health into our own hands.

I was so angry. I had been so sick for 13 months, back and forth to one or two doctors a week, countless days off from work, and, I spent my $3000 deductible! Since I already met my deductible, at least the spinal tap was free! 🙂 I had to do something. Just short of marching to Washington, kicking in someone’s door and screaming "Why are these chemicals allowed in our food to make people so ill!?" I figured  I would take the mature, productive route. I went back to school. Many diseases can be prevented with a good diet and lifestyle changes. I did it for myself, and I hope to do it for others so no one has to go through the run around that I did!

Jennifer Steiner is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She specializes in helping people remove dangerous toxins from their diets and in their homes to create a healthy environment while reducing the risks of serious conditions linked to chemical exposure.

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    I found this blog very helpful. I’ve had similar experiences with other food additives, especially MSG. People are not aware of the dangers in our food.
    Thank you for educating and sharing. We do need to look after our own health, that’s the truth.

    Warm regards,

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