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Inner Healing With the Help of Energy Therapies ~ Guest Blog

Inner Healing with the Help of Energy Therapies

By Wanda Davis, M.Sc.,B.Sc.,B.Ed.

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Hearing a diagnosis of breast cancer can be very emotional. Although breast cancer has not been part of my personal journey, it has been part of the lives of many friends. Not only do you need to deal with the physical issues, but the emotional and mental aspects of dealing with breast cancer can also take a toll. In order to gain healing, one must deal with healing on all levels.


Energy therapies such as Reiki, Healing Touch or Therapeutic Touch are very beneficial for any illness including cancer. These therapies affect the energy body of the recipient by increasing the life energy flowing through the body and making sure that it is flowing smoothly. In areas of pain, injury or illness, most likely the energy is not flowing properly through the area. Surgeries can also cause disruption in the flow of energy through the body.


Any of the mentioned therapies will induce the relaxation response in the body helping the muscles to relax, increase blood circulation and thus promote healing. The body will try its best to heal itself, but recovery from cancer also requires good nutrition, rest and positive thinking.


These therapies will reduce pain and help make the person more comfortable. If sleep is an issue, energy medicine can assist with sleep quality. Side effects from medications, such as nausea from chemotherapy, can be reduced with energy therapy treatments. Healing from surgery will be faster if treatments are given before and after.  A treatment before surgery prepares and balances the body so it is more optimized for whatever healing is needed.  Treatment after surgery helps with healing at the incision site, increases a person’s life energy as needed and helps direct the energy flow in a balanced way.


Having cancer will mean emotions may be all over the map. Feelings from worry, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, confusion and nervousness to hope, love, courage, confidence, acceptance, trust, gratitude and peace may all happen. Emotions need to be felt, and not ignored or hidden. Energy treatments can help by easing high emotional stress and releasing the pent-up feelings. Mental stress happens when one is thinking all the time about things that need to be done, such as appointments, schedules, etc. and the mind has trouble resting in a peaceful state. Meditation or listening to meditative music may help both emotions and brain over-drive, in addition to getting energy treatments to slow down both emotions and thoughts.  Energy treatments can result in feelings of peace and confidence and general well being; very good for your mental health. Part of the healing process may be determining what having cancer was meant to teach you. A lesson can be learned from any life experience.


Energy practitioners for treatments can be found in just about any city. Better yet, anyone can learn any of the energy therapies to do self-treatments. Imagine being able to give yourself a treatment any time you feel you need a boost. You need only find a qualified teacher in your area. Healing from cancer will mean different things to different people. Each person requires an individual journey for healing, whether that is on a physical, emotional or mental level or on all levels. Try an energy treatment to see how such a therapy will help you on your journey of inner healing.


Wanda Davis is a Holisitic Health Practioner and Reiki Master/Teacher in London, Ontario, co-author of the book Getting Well: Mind, Body and Spirit.



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  2. Dan @ NYC Qigong Reply

    In addition to receiving therapy, gentle exercise, such as Qigong is a great way to take charge of your own health and improve your overall well being.

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